The Manx Telecom Award for

Breakthrough New Business of the Year

Has your new company shown incredible growth in customers or revenue over the last three years?

Are you a new SME or a startup with a new product or service for your sector or industry to shout about?

Has the mission and quality of your team attracted investment in your company?

If you are a high performing, new company trading for fewer than three years with an innovative edge and something to shout about, this could be your award. The Manx Telecom New Business of the Year Award recognises those companies that have exceeded their initial targets for growth and already made an impact within their sector or industry through significant product/service innovation and leadership. 

The winning entry will demonstrate how their business concept has met and overcome challenges, adopted a clear understanding of their market, shown significant innovation, built a strong team and has the foundations in place for continued success and potential expansion.

Open to any organisation that began trading less than three years ago, this award will go to the company that best demonstrates the following:

  • Significant growth
  • Innovation through products and services
  • Consideration of customer and employee engagement 
  • Effective leadership and vision 
  • Ethical approach to business 
  • Plans to sustain financial growth 

This year's finalists

The Boredroom

The Boredroom was founded on the belief that the Isle of Man deserves better. For a long time, the Island only had a couple of national chain clothing shops that didn’t cater to personal individuality and style. Boredroom fulfils the demand from our customers by providing them with options for clothing they have only ever seen in an E-Commerce setting or when shopping at Oxford Street. The brands Boredroom supplies to customers are sourced globally and by limiting the number of items per style available it means the customer base can express their individuality. In a time when the common consensus is “The High Street is dying” the Boredroom have kicked the status quo. Exceeding the year one forecasting for turnover and being able to constantly expand the store’s brand offering to increase the individual options for customers.


In April 2021 Clara and Andrew Isaac decided to use their skills and expertise to put a modern twist on recycling collections to make them as economically and environmentally efficient as possible and ultimately improve recycling rates on the Isle of Man. Recyclecollect collects from areas that previously did not receive a kerbside collection and has released collection rounds across the island, with only a few remote areas still to achieve sufficient interest. Take up in the first 12 months has been incredible with over 700 houses now using the service. Relationships with 2 local parishes, Santon and Arbory and Rushen, have also been established. The business continues to grow from strength to strength with partnerships developed between other like-minded businesses on the Isle of Man. In their first 12 months, the company has collected a whopping 71.3 tonnes of recyclables. Averaging approximately 160 kg per household per annum: 86 kg of glass, 13kg of plastic, 13kg of cans and 48 kg of cardboard and paper.

Port Erin Beach Huts

Port Erin Beach Huts are designer beach huts, each with individual themes, located on Port Erin, they are operational between March and October. The organisations objectives are to ‘make every day a beach day’ and to create a unique environment for loved ones to spend time together and make memories. Shopping local is important to the Beach Huts, and in some cases, super local - with the ‘Fisherman’s themed hut’ interior purchased entirely from Port Erin. Kathryn collaborates and works closely with other businesses to benefit the local community and economy including Foraging Vintners, Noas Bakehouse and Secret Pizza Co.