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The Isle of Man Government Award for

Freedom to Flourish

This award is open to any organisation, large or small, from the public, private or third sector. It will be awarded for the best interpretation and delivery of the Isle of Man’s Freedom to Flourish strategy.

The Isle of Man Freedom to Flourish strategy aims to:

  • Protect our unique identity and heritage
  • Ensure that everyone who lives here feels a part of our supportive community and able to reach their full potential
  • Ensure we continue to have a strong economy by raising both the awareness and image of the Isle of Man internationally 


The Freedom to Flourish strategy is rooted in the Isle of Man’s values of resilience, resourcefulness, independent thinking and community loyalty. Judges will be interested in how your values and practices align with those of the Freedom to Flourish strategy and underpin your achievements.

To help the judges understand why you deserve to win this award, you may wish to consider the following questions:

What do you do?

  • How does your organisation allow everyone to reach their full potential?
  • Is your organisation following a strategy of continuous improvement?
  • What does your organisation do to help customers or clients to flourish by understanding their needs and by delivering world-class products and services?


What did you achieve?

  • What has your organisation done to help communicate Freedom to Flourish in the Isle of Man and what has it done to build awareness of the Isle of Man internationally?
  • How does your organisation communicate the Isle of Man’s unique culture, heritage and lifestyle to help build a distinct Manx national identity? Do you use Manx products and services wherever possible?

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